Can you Wash Sneakers in Washing machine?

Wash Sneakers in Washing machine
Updated on February 2023], This is about “Can I Wash My Sneakers in the Washing Machine? on 2023". You can also view “How to Fix When Washing Machine Not Draining? In 2023”

Can I Wash My Sneakers in the Washing Machine?

Sneakers are those reliable things on earth that will always be an option for you. Let it be in your jogging routine or when going out with friends to a park or any outing. These things always come in our mind that can I wash sneakers in washing machine?

These are classic standbys that are perfect for everything from working out to dressing down an outfit. And this means you can use them as much as you can in whatever weather and the situation.

If you’ve been wearing yours for years, now the chances are strong that they might have started to show dirty heels, faded bright colors with dust, and most probably a smelly sole too.

As all of these are the signs of a shoe well worn, you might need a bit of guidance over how to make them as brand new as ever.

Here’s a little guide about how to wash sneakers in a washing machine and through other ways. To achieve the lost crisp, the ever clean look with and without a washing machine, stay tuned and note some time and ways to get them fresh for another hike or trip.

This part wholly depends upon the fabric of your sneakers. Moreover, first, you have to check the caution label that says whether to hand wash it or machine wash. Even if it’s stated’ Hand washes only’ then also you can wash your sneakers in the washing machine by placing it on Hand wash. Furthermore, as a general rule, it’s best not to machine wash any sneakers made from animal-based fabrics, such as leather or suede. Also, avoid the sneakers with any other embellishments to be washed in the machine.
How to wash shoes in the washing machine? Usually, sneakers are made of the stuff that goes exceptionally well in a machine wash, but still, you need to be cautious about your machine as well as your shoes. So, let’s explore what you’ll need to machine wash your shoes:
  • A Washing machines
  • A soft shoe brush or you can take an old toothbrush dedicated to cleaning
  • Any Laundry detergent

Method explained below:

Washing sneakers in the washing machine is a difficult job to keep safe your sneakers and washing machines.

The most important thing you need to do when planning to wash sneakers in washing machine is to read the care label attached to it carefully. Then you can move along with the washing process.

  • First, use the dry-brushing technique to remove all the dirt and debris attached to it using a soft brush.
  • If your sneakers are contaminated with some significant stains, follow the spot-clean technique.
    In this you have to apply the stain-removing solution prior to washing so that the stains are clean as your sneakers come out.
  • Once you have checked both these things you can move onto removing the laces and place them in the machine along with your shoes. You can place both of these things in a laundry bag too to avoid any marks on the drum.
  • If your machine doesn’t work due to the weight imbalance then throw any towels in to help balance out the weight.
  • Pour in the liquid detergent to get started with the process. If there is a problem for smelly shoes then you can add a cup of vinegar with the laundry detergent dispenser to help eliminate the extra odors.
  • Make sure to check the care label and then set the machine settings filling it with cold water.
  • After washing, make sure to air dry your shoes completely before wearing so that every corner gets dried and there is no chance of smell.

Ensure air drying shoes over tumble drying as the excessive heat in tumble drying may cause the foam of the plastic to melt and reshape. Due to the change in shape shoes might get uncomfortable from the inside so prefer air drying over tumble drying.

Hand washing sneakers is as easy as it is washing any other clothes using hands. This way, you are safe from any risk of ruining your shoe fabric or any other embellishments in it. Moreover, the soft foam shoes remain in shape, and all the dirt is equally removed. Armed with your ingredients in hand, you’re moving on to unlace your shoes. Following this, you’ll go through these washing steps:
Wash Sneakers
Can you Wash Sneakers in Washing machine
Wash Sneakers
Wash Sneakers in Washing machine 4
Wash Sneakers by hand

Hand Washing shoes make them safe from any risks if ruining the fabric or the shape. Moreover, it is susceptible and quick that you can do it just a couple of hours before your immediate plan and they will be ready to accompany you.


Some people choose comfort over everything, and in that case, sneakers are the saviors. Whether we’re whizzing from one meeting to the next or just trying to keep up with friends and outdoor work, our shoes are certainly put through their strides.

This means that now they must be accompanied by some pretty unusual stains that need your vigilance.

There is no need to waste your time and money looking for bed ones and replacements; rely on your washing machine or even your hand wash to make them fresh as ever.

We have formulated a relatively accurate way to wash sneakers in washing machine to get rid of the oddest shoe stains quickly.

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