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Quality design is one among the hallmarks of a Mac. they’re built to appear and feel elegant. This extends to Apple’s OS, macOS, which is simple and intuitive. Macs also come preinstalled with a set of proprietary software, and every application is well-suited for tasks like editing video or music. While there are not any touchscreens on macOS, you’ll use Apple’s Sidecar mode to effectively switch control over to an iPad if you actually need a touchscreen for something to do your jobs.

Macs utilize fast hardware, too, so those that need a solid computer but don’t know tons about hardware can rest easy knowing their Mac will perform well during everyday use. That said, they don’t tend to sport the foremost powerful graphics chips, and have a tendency to possess a way higher tag than their Windows and Chrome OS counterparts, especially when configured with many storages. Apple computers aren’t known for being cheap.

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