Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

Electric Bike Safety
Updated onFebruary 2023 This is about “Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders. You can also view “Best Budget Electric Bike Electric Bike below $1000 Compact & light”

The number of people who ride electric bikes regularly increases daily. There are a lot of new riders following the trend. Therefore it’s important to discuss about Electric Bike Safety. Getting a new electric bike is a fantastic opportunity to evaluate your riding abilities, whether you haven’t ridden in a while or are an intermediate rider. Every time you go out on your electric bike, you should know how to give it a thorough checkup.

A well-maintained electric bike can be a dependable mode of travel or recreational activity. Every time you hop on your e-bike, you should be prepared to minimize potential risks. To ride one of these motorcycles safely, you should follow these guidelines and local regulations. Make sure you are familiar with the rules and requirements of riding an electric bicycle before returning to the saddle.

Electric Bike Safety Checklist


Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

When riding an e-bike, paying attention to traffic patterns is essential. Some motorists might not anticipate a cyclist traveling at 20 mph, creating unsafe situations.

Marco Dozza, a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, noted in a report for the International Cycling Safety Conference that “other road users may need to reset their expectations to maintain a safe engagement with this new form of bicycle.” It requires you to focus on what you are doing while riding the bike and how other motorists see you.

2. Put on a protective helmet

Electric Bike Safety
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

The usage of a helmet should be considered mandatory. A cyclist’s chance of suffering a head injury is reduced by 70 percent when they wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of mortality from a head injury by 65 percent.

Because of the higher speeds possible on an e-bike, head protection is crucial if you want to survive an accident without suffering severe brain damage. You cannot avoid an accident, but your life can be saved by always wearing a helmet. It is also an important factor of Electric Bike Safety.

3. Don’t speed up too much at the start

Electric Bike Safety to avoid speed
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

One common source of Electric Bike Safety is riders who apply too much power or start in high electric gear from a stop. Most of the time, minor damage is all that results from such incidents because they happen at such slow speeds. It’s nevertheless the case that things have the potential to have a profound effect on one’s disposition.

If you’re riding an electric bike with a throttle, for instance, you shouldn’t give it full throttle until you’ve got going. Also, think about wiring in a switch so you may adjust the ride’s intensity as needed. Adjust the throttle and the controller to your liking before going on a long journey.

Do not get off the line in high gear on a pedelec e-bike (POWER mode, for example). Maintain a slower electric gear (ECO or even OFF) from the outset and gradually increase speed.

4. Keep your tires at the correct pressure

ebike rules
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

It will not only help you increase the range of your ebike, but it will also give you more control if you need to move quickly to avoid a crash. Keep the air in your tires full to have the best chance of not crashing when milliseconds matter. Check the tread on your tires and make sure they aren’t bald while you’re at it. Worn tires and e-bikes don’t go well together because e-bikes have more power. You don’t want to lose control of the road when you need it the most (or pretty much ever, for that matter.

5. Make yourself seen and heard

Make yourself seen and heard
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

When riding an electric bike, you need to be able to see and be seen. No matter where you ride, being able to see could keep you from getting hurt. You can stay away from other cars on the road. If you ride off-road, people on the trail can avoid you better if they can see you better.

Always ride with a front and backlight to ensure people can see you. Use at least one light in front and one light in the back to ensure Electric Bike Safety. You can add extra lighting to the spokes of your wheels, your handlebars, and even your helmet. The more lights you use, the safer you will be, especially when it is dark or there isn’t much light to see.

Whether riding your bike during the day or at night, wear brightly colored clothing. The best thing to do is put reflective tape on your clothes. But you can also wear white or other bright hues.

Make sure people can see you, but also have something that makes noise on your bike to let them know you’re there. A bell or horn will give you a louder means than your voice warning pedestrians ahead of you.

6. Use Reflectors

Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

With a mirror, you can look back without turning your head. With mirrors, you can reduce how often you have to move your head to look elsewhere.

It would help if you saw out of all sides of your bike, whether you ride in the city or on trails. A small investment in a mirror could keep you from getting hit from behind. It would reduce accidents and keep you and everyone safer riding your electric bike. 

7. Stay in your lane

your lane
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders

Stay in the lane if you’re riding an ebike and can go the speed limit. In many cities, especially downtown and business centers, traffic rarely goes faster than 25-30 mph, and it’s often much slower during rush hour because people are constantly stopping and starting their cars. It’s much safer to ride in the same lane as the cars so they can see you than to try to stay close to the curb and get passed by cars.

Also, when cars pull out onto the road, they look in the middle for other vehicles and often miss a bicyclist riding on the edge of the road. Giving yourself more space between you and the curb gives you more room to move if you need to make quick moves to avoid something. Lastly, it eliminates the chance of getting “doored” by a parked car. It happens when a parallel-parked car opens its door before you have an opportunity to move out of the way. These crashes are annoying and cause damage at low speeds, but at high speeds on an ebike, they have killed people.

8. Don’t forget that it’s still a bike

Any bike can have an accident, but e-bikes stand out because they go faster.

A survey from 2018 on “Electric Bike Safety” found that only 20% of e-bike riders had ever been in any accident. 19% said that the e-bike had something to do with the crash. So, when you’re riding your bike around town, make sure to follow standard safety rules.

Electric Bike On-Road Safety Tips

1. Know Your E-Bike Class

Class 1,2, & 3 Ebikes

Class 1:

  • Pedal-assisted.
  • The maximum speed is 10mph.
  • Permitted in any location that will allow normal bicycles.

Class 2:

  • Pedal power or power helped by the throttle.
  • The maximum speed is 20mph.
  • Permitted in any location that will allow normal bicycles.

Class 3:

  • Pedal power or power helped by the throttle.
  • Reaches a top speed of 28 mph.
  • There are several restrictions on where you can ride these, detailed below.

Any electric bicycle that assists the rider at speeds greater than 28 miles per hour is prohibited on public roadways and must be kept off sidewalks, multi-use trails, and paths.

ebike rules
Electric Bike Safety Checklist for new and experienced riders
In California, it is illegal to modify or otherwise alter the speed capability of an electric bicycle unless the rider also changes the classification of the ebike. eBike powered by motors with more than 750 watts, whether electric or gas, are considered motorcycles under the law and hence necessitate Class M permits, registration, and insurance.

Road regulations

All bikers, including those on electric bikes, must obey the same traffic laws for Electric Bike Safety. Riders who violate the electric bike safety’s law may be issued penalties and fines under the provisions of the California Vehicle Code or the relevant municipal code. 

1. Make sure you stick to these rules:

  • Cyclists under the age of 17 have to wear a helmet.
  • Ride in the bike lane if you’re going slower than the other vehicles. You can leave the bike lane to turn left, pass someone, avoid a hazard on the road, or avoid cars turning right.
  • All road users, including those on e-bikes, must follow traffic lights, signs, and signals and electric bike safety rules.
  • Sidewalks and crosswalks are for people who want to walk. In these places, get off your e-bike and walk it. At crosswalks for people on foot, you must stop.
  • It must stop when the light is red.
  • Be aware of other drivers and try to go at the same speed as the average. It means going slowly when there are people around.
  • At red lights, you have to stop before turning right.
  • Stop when you see a stop sign.
  • It is against the law to ride against the flow of traffic.
  • It is against the law to weave in and out of traffic.
  • Cyclists have to stay as close to the right side of the road as they can.
  • The right reflective gear must be used (during night operation) for electric bike safety.
  • It is against the law to take someone with you on your e-bike unless your bike has a permanent extra seat or you are using a child safety seat.
  • When there is a bike lane, cyclists are required to use it unless they are going as fast as traffic.

Click here for full descriptions of the California Vehicle Code (CVC).

2. Drive in the right lane

Stay in the bike lanes when you’re riding in towns. If there aren’t bike lanes, you can ride in the middle of the far lane as long as you can keep up with the traffic. Maintaining the same speed as the cars around you shouldn’t be hard in dense urban areas where stop-and-go traffic usually peaks at 20 to 30 mph.

Ride at a speed that makes sense for where you are. Stay in the bike lane if you’re not going as fast as your electric bike can go. If you are in race mode or using the top speeds of our Hyper model, share the road with cars and other vehicles going the same speed as you.

3. Types of E-bike Injuries

Injuries from e-bikes can happen in several ways, including collisions with vehicles, collisions with pedestrians or other cyclists, accidents caused by going too fast, and (very rarely) fires caused by lithium batteries. All of these can seriously hurt riders, and they are:

Broken bones, fractures, or dislocations can happen when you fall off an e-bike or throw off one.
Injuries can happen to the head, neck, or face, such as scratches, cuts, and even concussions.
Vehicle collisions commonly cause spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, or punctured lung.

Most injuries from e-bike accidents are orthopedic and usually affect the lower body (usually broken leg bones). These injuries often require a hospital stay and a long time to heal. It is mainly because e-bikes go faster than regular bikes, making them fun and dangerous.


Investing in an electric bicycle and being one of the thousands of other riders is a terrific way to take a step toward improving your mobility, contributing to preserving the natural world, and enjoying a pleasant mode of transportation. They are a fantastic mode of transportation because not only are they adaptable and usable in a variety of contexts, but they are also quicker and, in many cases, more pleasant than a standard bicycle.

It is almost certain that there will be a rise in the number of electric bikes seen cruising about the streets of our major cities. Even though they come with their own risks and hazards, they are comparable to standard bicycles, particularly when contrasting slower-speed pedelecs (Class 1 ebikes). When you ride with care and attention, you do a lot to improve theelectric bike safety of yourself and everyone else on the road.

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