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Choosing the most OK laptop for graphic design is more complex than selecting a laptop for gaming or general use. Graphic design laptops requirements are must be portable, light, and powerful enough to handle complex tasks.

The most important question is which laptop is best for graphic design. Before you start studying and making decisions, think about the type of work you do and your budget. If you’re doing complex 3D work, you’ll need to meet all of the requirements. You can be in the middle to the low end of the range if your job is mostly 2D.

When you initially start in graphic design, you may be hesitant to consider the hardware requirements. It is understandable. You’ll need to make sure you’re working with a device that has everything you’ll need, depending on the type of design software you’d like to utilize (as well as the style of graphic design you’d like to pursue). In this piece, we’ll go over all of the graphic design laptop requirements for each design application, so you can compare them and make an informed purchase.

Before digging in, it should note that this information refers to linear graphic design software that functions [primarily] in a flat, 2D environment. Both raster and vector graphics are included. The following are a few examples of these applications:

  • Photo retouching
  • Drawing and painting
  • Illustrations creation
  • Designing a logo and branding
  • Packaging for a product
  • User interface and icons (UI)
  • Graphics for use on the internet and in social media
  • Animations that are simple to follow

This list excludes applications for 3D design, modeling, and video editing

Graphic Design Computer Requirements 2023

The minimal graphic design laptop requirements for each design application are listed below.

Keep in mind that, even if your gadget meets the minimum needs, it may require additional power to work at its best. When it comes to graphic design hardware requirements, overshooting your aim is usually a good thing.

As of February 2023, the following information is correct. For the most up-to-date specifications, check on the following links to the manufacturer’s documentation:

ApplicationCPURAMDisk SpaceSupported OS
Adobe Photoshop2 GHz or faster Intel or AMD 64-bit8 GB6GBMacOS, Windows
Adobe IllustratorAMD 64-bit or Multicore Intel8 GB2 GBMacOS, Windows
CorelDrawIntel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon 642 GB1.5 GBMacOS, Windows
Adobe After EffectsAMD 64-bit or Multicore Intel16 GB5 GBMacOS, Windows
PaintShop ProIntel or AMD 32-bit or 64-bit; 1.5 GHz2 GB1.2 GBWindows
GIMPAMD Athlon or Pentium 4256 MB200 MBMacOS, Windows , Linux
Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer64-bit2 GB1 GB MacOS, Windows
Graphic Design Computer Requirements

What are the Most Important Things to Remember? Buying Guide


You don’t want your laptop to be unable to store your graphic design files because they are too large for their memory. Although you can save your files on an external hard drive, there are still some things that you will need. But you don’t want your laptop to be damaged by the load.

Gigabytes were the thing that made us laugh the most. We understood that the higher you go, the better. It was when a new technology slapped us in the face. Are you familiar with the differences between HDD storage and SSD?

They are Hard-Disk drives (SSD) and Solid State drives (SSD). According to Avast, a hard disc drive (HDD) is an “old school storage device that accesses data via mechanical platters with a moving read/write header.” It reminds me of a classic vinyl record player in specific ways.

An SSD is more attractive than HDD in appearance and works faster. This storage device does not have moving parts. Instead, data is stored in nonvolatile microchips. It looks almost like an oversized USB.

If you’re looking for a laptop that can do graphic work, you should choose one with SSD. It is faster, more reliable, and much faster. A 256-512 SSD SSD is the best choice, as anything below will not be enjoyable.

Key message: SSD is the best choice for speed and storage.

Believe in Core

These i3, i5, i7 processors are versions of central processing units introduced by Intel. i3 is the most basic and i7 the most advanced with multiple cores.

This piece of information is likely to make your brain explode if you’re not a techie.

Yes, it happens. To make the right decision, you need to research and understand many jargons. After much research, I concluded that i3 was not suitable for graphic design. The i5 and the i7 were similar, but i7 has more options for upgrading. I decided to go with the i7, but it wasn’t easy.

If you want to make your life easier, choose i7 if it is the best. It will be more expensive, so don’t be too picky. If this bothers you, then go for the i5 but be aware of the generation.

Key message: If you don’t get the i7, then aim for the i5, If you feel like taking a break, consider a trip to a dream destination for designers. You will feel refreshed.


Okay, before we get to the “generation” point, let’s first determine the differences between a CPU or a GPU. You won’t be in the ICU if you do this.

If you don’t understand what they mean, CPU stands for central processor unit, and GPU is graphical processing unit. GPU renders high-resolution videos and images faster than a CPU. However, a CPU can only handle one task at a time.

A graphics card is essential when you buy a laptop to use for graphic design. The majority of laptops come with two gigabytes. If you have the budget, get the four gigabytes model. Because it depends on your preferences, I won’t say which brand is best.

Key message: Make sure to choose the right brand and not buy a laptop without a graphics card.


You don’t want your laptop to heat up. When you’re working on a client project, there is not enough space for heating up. You must be careful not to burn your lap. If you find yourself with this device, you can purchase a fan for your laptop to fix the problem.

Make sure your laptop doesn’t make any noise. Complete process of Cool Down Laptop. You don’t want to hear the vroom sound from a motorbike. It can be annoying and distracting. It can be caused by heat and fan, but there are many other factors.

Key message: SSD is the best choice if you need both speed and storage.

Right RAM

Your device constantly lags, or updates are the worst thing about designing. Your software will crash after a few minutes because it is not strong enough to handle the load of multiple programs or plugins. It’s worth the effort.

You can avoid this from happening by making sure your laptop’s internal memory is at least 16GB. If you have the money, a 32-GB version will be possible.

Key message: Do not compromise on speed. If 16GB is too expensive, don’t compromise on speed.

Chose Between Mac® and Window®

First, you need to decide whether you prefer to work on a Mac or a Window. Software for graphic design and even software for iOS® can be produced on both Windows® and Microsoft®. You will need to ensure that your files work well with any software or operating system you use.

Macs have many advantages. The first is that their monitors are very accurate in color and have high-quality displays. As PCs improve their graphic-design capabilities, this is becoming less common. The PC’s ability to run general software can benefit, primarily if your laptop is used for personal or business purposes. Apple has been taking out ports from its devices in recent years. Although this gives the devices a more sleek and modern look, it can make it difficult to plug in multiple accessories. With the ability to upgrade or configure more components, PCs can be more easily upgraded than Macs. It allows you to replace a single part or upgrade an older or failing one.

Key message: Chose the Window PC which allows you to replace a single part or upgrade.

Color accuracy

A monitor’s color accuracy and broad color palette are essential. You want the monitor to have at least 100 percent Adobe(r) RGB. You can choose a monitor with 100% of sRGB if color is not your primary focus. Delta E measures a monitor’s color accuracy. It is a measure of how accurate the monitor is at color.

A lower number means that it is better. A monitor with a Delta E score of less than 5 is a good choice. Delta-E is not something that can be taken as an independent factor. It must be compared with the color palette. A monitor with a smaller color palette will score a higher (lower) Delta E score because it has fewer colors.


What laptop is best for graphic design? It all depends on your design goals, budget, and the applications you use. There are many good laptops available for graphic design. It’s up to you to choose the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much RAM do I need for graphic design laptop?

Your graphic design laptop should have at least 8 GB of RAM while using Photoshop and Illustrator, and if you don’t have that much, you should have 16 GB. Furthermore, if you want to prepare for the future two to four years, 32GB of RAM will be beneficial to fulfill your graphic design laptop requirements.

How much RAM do you require for a Photoshop or an illustrator?

Adding extra RAM to your computer guarantees that Photoshop and Illustrator have more “superfast” storage space to work with. Furthermore, if you want to make your photos and videos look smooth, consider buying a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, such as the HP ZBook X2, which includes a 2GB NVIDIA Quadro M620 graphics card.

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