How to Rest HP Laptop Manually without any issue

How To Rest Laptop
Updated on February 2023 This is about “How to Rest HP Laptop Manually (February 2023 )”. You can also view “Best Budget Laptop for Students Under $500” 2023

How to Rest HP Laptop Manually without any issue in 2023

Therefore, You Would like to know “How To Rest Hp Laptop“; however, you are looking for alternatives to reset your HP Laptop settings that do not demand a restore disk. The HP laptops, which can be sent with Windows-7 or later operating systems add a recovery partition, called an HP password reset disk. It performs exactly the same tasks as a restore disk. The name of these applications you may commonly find installed inside this recovery partition is HP Recovery Manager, which gives you different functions and features.

Reset HP Laptop Manually

The HP recovery program enables you to reinstall the OS onto your laptop once it crashes or back any provider files you may need to a new storage disk before wiping out your whole hard disk. The method of resetting your HP notebook with no restore disk can be as follows.


You can even restart it when it has already been ON. When it starts the booting procedure, continue clicking the F11 key before the laptop boots to the recovery manager. That’s the computer software that you can use to reset your laptop.

System Recovery

From the recovery manager, there’s a segment labeled I Need Help Instantly. This segment is available at the left sidebar of this recovery manager. In this section, then pick the machine recovery choice and click ON.

Back up Files

Now you can select which kinds of documents you’d like to back up. Click the boxes that seem to choose them and click Next. You should possess an external hard disk ready that you’ll relate to the notebook to get back up. As an alternative, you can add a blank disk into the optical disk drive on your laptop.

Select Drive

As soon as you have added the blank disk or linked the External hard disk, you should choose the drive letter which reflects it on the laptop. It makes sure that this particular drive will probably support the documents you have opted to back up. Click on Next.

Factory Settings

The backup procedure begins. It could require a while. After it’s completed, you should click Next. The Recovery Manager will subsequently restore your HP notebook to its initial condition or the way it has been received.

After you’ve restored your HP laptop to factory settings, the following step is to make sure you have the most up-to-date drivers for your operating system. You may manually update your drivers or use a reliable program like Auslogics Driver Updater to automate the process. We prefer the latter option if you are not computer literate. Manually updating your drivers can be difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming. Let us demonstrate the procedure to give you an idea.

  • On your keyboard, press Windows Key+X. Device Manager should be launched as a result of this.
  • It would be best to go over all of the drivers in each category. To ensure that you don’t miss any drivers, explore the contents of each type.
  • Right-click the driver and choose Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Driver tab and select Update Driver to update the driver.
  • Select the option to ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’

Setup Windows

Click Finish to complete the procedure. You may now notice a string of onscreen drives which will lead you through the setup and installation of the Windows operating system. Follow them to the Finish till you’ve installed Windows on your laptop.

Reset HP Laptop via Windows Settings

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings menu.
  • Roll down to the lowermost to select Update & Security.
  • Select Recovery option in the left sidebar.
  • Look for the Reset this laptop section under Recovery in the right window pane.
  • Click on the Get started button under the Reset this PC.
  • Windows will be restarted to the Choose an option window.
  • You may choose to Keep my files -> click Next -> click Reset.
  • You can also choose to Remove everything -> choose from Only the drive where Windows is installed and All drives -> select from Just remove my files and Remove files and clean the drive -> click Reset.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
how to restart hp laptop
How to Rest HP Laptop Manually without any issue


It’s possible to reset most laptops by the press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds. If this did not work, then you should look for your version on the internet to check out different button has to press.

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