5 Reasons Why People Love Sprint Smart Watch | Best Sprint Smart Watch Varieties for You.

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Updated on February 2023, This is about "5 Reasons Why People Love Sprint Smart Watch | Best Sprint Smart Watch Varieties for You in 2023",. You can also view 7 Benefits Of Costco Smart Watch That May Change Your Perspective. 2023

Understand Sprint Smart Watch Before You Regret on 2023

Since 1899, Sprint has served as a reliable and famous name in the American telephone network industry. Although this company has achieved considerable milestones in being the most trusted mobile network in America, its services and benefits have advanced over time. Besides, when the world is moving towards more technological devices for everyday use, you might indeed need your trusted mobile network to serve you in more devices than one, right?

Considering that, this mobile network’s services have developed enough to offer you various options of a smartwatch from Sprint. Yes, you heard that right; Sprint is not anymore limited to being a well-known mobile network service in America for smartphones only. Instead, you can also access a variety of Sprint smartwatch plans and utilize a Sprint watch phone instead of a smartphone any time you like. Besides, what can be more convenient than using a watch phone when you’re on the go?

Now before you head out to purchase the best smartwatch for yourself, let’s go ahead and explore some of the best options below.

While Sprint is a popular telephone network in America, it’s still not easy to choose Sprint without having a second thought, right? Besides, we all love a fast and reliable telephone network, and with plenty of options around, it can be tough to make the right decision. However, you can surely be confident when choosing Sprint as your mobile service as well as your smartwatch brand, according to the different aspects. Mainly, these aspects include the Sprint smartwatch price, Sprint smartwatch plans, and the advantages and disadvantages that come along.

Sprint Smartwatch Price:

Let’s start with the most important detail of purchasing any kind of electronic device, its price. You can’t make the best purchase according to your needs if you don’t have an idea of the price categories you will face. Besides, depending upon the features and outlook of a smart device, the prices can be extremely different from one another. Another factor that affects a smart device or smartwatch price is the brand you’re choosing. While sprint smartwatches can include a wide variety of the top and reliable technological brands, it’s hard to be sure about the Sprint smartwatch price in advance. Must insure 5 thngs you need to know before purchase a sprint smartwatch.

Moreover, depending upon the features that you need and the type of watch you desire (for an adult or kids), the Sprint smart watch price can differ a lot.

However, one thing that is sorted is that whether you choose a reasonable Sprint smartwatch or a pricey one, you can easily access budget-friendly smartwatch plans from Sprint along with it – so there’s no way you’ll be broke in the end!

Sprint Smartwatch Plans:

Before we explore the smartwatch varieties available for its customers, it’s important to be sure what additional services you receive in Sprint smartwatch plans. Since Sprint is a telephone service company in America, you can’t expect a smartwatch to only be smart in the technological features.

Especially when a smartwatch also serves in various telephone services connected with your mobile phone (or not), you’ll need a connection to these services with your smartwatch too. But the good thing about Sprint smartwatches is that you can access these services with Sprint smartwatch plans without the need for any other subscription service.

According to Sprint, the Sprint smart watch plans include:

              • Unlimited talking and texting
              • Unlimited data
              • Price: at 15$/- monthly.

Top Sprint Smartwatches 2023

If you already have a Sprint network or you’re planning to get a new Sprint subscription plan with your new smartwatch, you can count on these smartwatch options. 

Sprint Smart Watch for Kids:

Now if we talk about Sprint smartwatch for kids first, we can certainly not ignore the need for smartwatches for kids in today’s technological world. Since carrying a smartphone is can be more challenging for kids that go through plenty of daily physical activities, a smartwatch can be the perfect device that can come in handy.

Moreover, the best and highly reliable features along with a fast and smooth Sprint connection coming with the Sprint smart watch for kids make these watches the perfect fit for kids. Besides, when you have a convenient and secure tracking service for your kids coming with a single smartwatch, what can be a better option for the concerned parents, right?

But wait! Before you make a blind purchase of Sprint smartwatch for kids, let’s explore some of the best options you can purchase for those young learners.

              • WatchMeGo

              • Racker +

              • The Verizon GizmoWatch

Additional smartwatches for older kids that support Sprint services include:

Sprint releases sprint smartwatch to help user to keep track of the Children

WatchMeGo comprises an integrated GPS and an SOS button to send an alarm to some parents’ telephone numbers automatically.

Sprint a year ago launching a kid’s watch with observation and communicating capacities called WatchMeGo.  The System includes all the Kidomi APP, which can be packed with parents’ educational and entertainment actions and helps parents monitor and Speak with children.

WatchMeGo consists of in-built GPS tracking so parents can track their child’s location in realtime throughout the WatchMeGo APP.  Kids and parents can communicate with voice messages, and also, the watch may receive texts sent by his parents.  Additionally, it comes with an SOS button that sends an alarm to the parent’s telephone number.

Parents might get automatic alarms when their kid leaves or enters a designated safety zone though wearing the watch, like their school or location.

Smart Watch from Sprint:

Now if move forward to the smart watch from Sprint options, you have plenty of the best smartwatches coming in this variety. Since not just Sprint watches, but other brands have also introduced plenty of top-notch, innovative, and highly reliable ‘SMART’ watches, all being options that you can consider as smart watch from Sprint. Not just that, but these smartwatches serve as the best option for the adults – since they can also use a handy device on the go too, right?

So, if you have a Sprint subscription already, you might not need to go for a Sprint smartwatch. Instead, plenty of varieties of other popular brands and their outstanding smartwatches are waiting for you to make your next SMART purchase with them.

Are you confused about what smartwatch options we’re referring to here? Well then, let’s explore some of the best smart watch from Sprint that you can purchase.

            • Apple Nike+ Series 3 Watch

            • Apple Watch Series 3

            • Samsung Gear S

            • TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smartwatch

            • Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

            • LG Urbane 2nd Edition Smartwatch

            • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

8.5Expert Score
Pros and Cons of Sprint <a href="https://www.aonegadget.com/movado-smart-watch/" title="Movado Smart Watch: Beginnings and Present Innovations">Smart Watch:</a>

Before we conclude this discussion, let’s also learn about the benefits and disadvantages you can expect from Sprint smartwatches

Reason to Buy
  • You can access plenty of top brand’s smartwatch varieties
  • All support a fast and smooth Sprint connection
  • There are different varieties of the smartwatch with different features for your convenience
  • You may get special offers with Sprint smart watch plans (from specific stores)
Reasons to Avoid
  • There is no specific price range
  • Not all of the watches offer enough smart features
  • You will need to purchase a separate Sprint plan for smartwatches to operate the watch (if you haven’t already).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sprint WatchMeGo in Sprint is created only for children to offer parents peace of mind. It includes trendy children observed with monitoring and communicating features and the Kidomi program with parent-approved entertainment for children ages 4 & up.

Sprint WatchMeGo is a unique wearable and enlightening solution made for youngsters ages of four and upwards.

Watch me go smartwatch provides parents peace of mind by offering the following attributes:

    • Voice and text messages.
    • Real-time GPS with location tracking.
    • SOS watchful to linked parent telephone.
    • Geofencing: Parents get an alert when children enter or leave security regions defined by the parents.

Children may also enjoy a complimentary subscription to many educational games, including e-books and movies, through the Kidomi program for tablets and smartphones. This $7.99/mo. Worth is included using all the Watchmego Sprint service program at no extra price.

Watch me go; the smartwatch can be bought in a Sprint store, on Sprint.com or simply by calling 866-275-1411.

It’s possible to make five defined security areas on every watch. Designated security areas are particular to the watch they’re made for.

When adding a brand-new view, you’ve got the option to import (duplicate) settings from some of the existing watches into the brand new watch; you don’t have to manually upgrade the settings to the brand new watch.

It is convenient for defined security places. For Example, you can use the same security places from the current view into the brand new watch.

  • An alarm could be transmitted when the Watchmego sprint watch is in off mode.
  • An alarm is generated when the watch is detached.
  • A low battery alarm is created when the battery level reaches 15%, plus a critical battery alarm is created when the battery comes 5%.

You can load songs on the view by connecting them to the USB interface of a pc and then copying audio files on the watch.

The opinion ought to be configured to permit media transfer over USB. On the Sprint Watchmego, go to Settings > Storage and set “Use USB into” area to” Transfer Documents (MTP)”.

The Watchmego Sprint watch supports WAV, MP3, and AAC file formats for music.

Music files will absorb the watch’s memory card. Assuming a Size of 4 MB per song, loading over 200 songs isn’t suggested.

You can link Bluetooth headphones into the Watch Me Go Smart Watch with Ensure Bluetooth is switched on, then get into the Bluetooth menu and look for available devices.

While voice calls aren’t supported on the Sprint Watchmego Watch, voice messages deliver near real-time communication. Voice messages may be transmitted to and from the watch along with your parent’s smartphone.

You can load songs on the view by connecting them to the USB interface of a pc and then copying audio files on the watch.


So that's all to our list of the most reliable and 'SMART' Smart Satches offered by Sprint. Now whether you opt for a sprint smartwatch for kids or one for yourself as an adult, you can easily make the best purchase and see how Sprint smartwatches are worthy of appraisal. Besides, with the world adopting the smartwatch lifestyle more often today, why should you stay behind? Go ahead and grab the best Sprint smartwatch for yourself today!

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