QLED stands for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode.

• QLED TV is just like a normal LED TV, except it uses tiny nanoparticles known as quantum dots to super-charge its brightness and color. The expertise was initially initiated by Sony in 2013, but shortly after that, Samsung started selling its QLED TVs
• A QLED TV nevertheless produces light more or less the similar way as a regular LED TV
• QLED take place a new TV technology as far as it is a rebrand. Up To last year, Samsung termed its flagship TVs SUHD, but that wasn’t performing as well as it hoped, so it’s now named them QLED.
• QLEDs go a lot brighter and might be better for practical view in the games you’re playing, and drawing out environments and in-game items clearly. It may depend on whatever you’re playing – but getting a set with low contribution lag, VRR (variable refresh rate), or an HMDI 2.1 port, will be more important than the underly panel technology.


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Samsung 163 cm (65 inches) The Frame Series 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA65LS03AAKLXL (Black) (2021 Model)

Samsung 65 Inch 4K Smart TV 4K QLED

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• Samsung, Hisense and TCL banded collectively under the QLED Alliance back in 2017, in order to improve QLED development – and shift more QLED calibrates in the world’s leading TV market, China.

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