Best Smart TV In USA: Expectations vs. Reality

Updated on February 2023 This is about "Best Indian Smart TV 2023". You can also view Best Smart TV under 15000

Best Smart TV In USA 2023: Expectations vs. Reality February 2023

We guide you properly to choose from the best smart TV in the USA with different sizes (32, 43, and 55 inches) at a price under $15,000, $20,000, $30,000, and $50,000. Before making a purchase, you should be aware of the major differences between Google Certified Android TV, Linux Smart TV, and Android-based TV in the United States, including their apps, operating systems, how to install software, and download features. 

1. Google Certified Android TV Features:

They ley you access apps from Google Play Store

android tv features

Google Certified Android TV Features

To work smoothly on TVs, Google Certified Android TV Features use a proprietary forked version of Android developed by Google. This also means the apps you download there via the Play Store are fully optimised to be used on televisions. It also comes with a variety of other features, like Chromecast. Google-certified Android TV is one of the major concerns when you think about the USA’s top smart television.

USA's Top Smart Television 2023 (Google Certified TV List)

tizen os tv

Samsung & LG TV run on his own OS i.e. Tizen & WebOS.

Webos Vs Tizen Which is Better:

Tizen OS TV is a Linux-based operating system developed by Samsung Electronics, and it is the branded operating system of all new versions of Samsung Smart TVs. 

The Tizen layout in Smart Hub features a simplistic interface that doesn’t take up an excessive amount of screen space, unlike the Android TV layout. It’s a band of cards type display that runs horizontally across the screen and shows all the streaming services and apps you’ll be able to scroll through and choose alongside the settings button on the bottom left, and it even displays any devices connected to the TV. Scrolling through apps is equally simple, and if you hover over the app thumbnail, it’ll automatically show the TV series or other content you just watched. This allows you to conveniently click on the thumbnail and pick up where you left off with merely the touch of a button. Hence, WebOS and Tizen OS TV are also kept in mind while searching for the USA’s top smart TV.

What is WebOS smart TV?

LG WebOS, which was created by Palm Inc., may also be a Steam Kernel-based OS to get LG Smart TVs entirely. 

The webOS port on LG smart TVs is easy and minimalistic, so it will not occupy an inordinate amount of one’s screen distance. It’s a flat ribbon that runs around the screen from the left, directly showing all of the features, programs, streaming solutions, internet links, and preferences with an elegant searchable thumbnail layout.

All the information and apps you want are right there on the ribbon, making it easier for users to find what they need by just scrolling horizontally.

Speaking of navigation, you’ll summon the Google Voice Assistant so you can choose your content of desire hands-free; otherwise, you’ll use the LG Magic TV remote, which also features a feature of a hovering cursor on the screen that you can use to aim at the required app and click on to choose immediately, just like you employ the mouse.


  • WebOS is owned by LG, Linux-based, smart TV operating system.
  • WebOS TV is a developer-friendly platform through powerful capabilities.
  • WebOS TV is based on skills you are already familiar with like HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
  • WebOS TV is based on Linux.
  • Web apps built for webOS TV are parallel to standard web apps.
  • Connect SDK (developed by LG) is an open-source framework.
  • Connect SDK connects mobile apps to many TV platforms.
  • Connect SDK enables webOS TV apps to be helped through mobile apps using Connect SDK.
  • It has provisions of a wide range of Codec, up to 4K streaming protocol.
Android Based TV in USA

Most Smart TV is Android Based and has its own interface and apps.

Android Based TV is a version of the Android OS of Google utilized in smartphones which are exclusively configured to control Television sets.

You can efficiently utilize Google voice assistant by simply calling out “Hey Google” for an incredible hands-free experience and even access Google Playstore to download apps specifically made for the Android TV.

The homepage of Android TV features a horizontally scrolling layout also called “Ribbons”, which consists of the thumbnails of recently viewed apps, recommendations, and in-progress series. i.e. If you watch a specific show on Netflix which is in-progress, the thumbnail will display the show on the ribbon, providing you quick access to it next time.

  • These are the smart tv which based on the open source Android OS installed.
  • They might have their own app Store.
  • No condition to meet Google’s licensing requirements.
  • All matters and bugs with Android Based TV are taken care off by its developer, not by Google.
  • Some of these devices might also not support some Google services like the Google Play Store.
Linux Smart TV

Linux TV OS Review -

Rich UI interface with a plethora of apps—Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and much more.

Technically, Android is Linux. Linux is the kernel of the OS. Linux OSes are GNU/Linux, where GNU is the OS and Linux is the kernel. Equally, Android is the operating system, and Linux is the Android kernel.

Outside of that, it truly comes right down to the feature set of the systems. I’d not bother with the smart TV functions and would simply attach an Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, etc., to the TV.

If you’ve got a SmartTV, Blu-ray player, or set-top box from your internet provider, the likelihood is that you’re streaming your home entertainment over Linux. Linux has become the number one embedded OS for smart TVs.

Most smart TVs have run simple Linux builds for years, but their limitations have driven consumers to more capable Linux- or Android-based media player boxes.

The platforms provide improved performance and rich UIs, mobile apps, integration, hand-offs with mobile devices, and potentially home automation and gaming tasks.

Smart TV Vs Android TV

  • Technically, Android is Linux. Linux Smart TV OS is the kernel of the operating system.
  • Linux Smart TV OS almost as same as Tizen TV functions.
  • No condition to meet Google’s licensing requirements.
  • Linux Smart TV OS continues to grow despite concerns over privacy.
  • Linux Smart TV OS is always refining his OS as per the new technologies.

Now I hope that you well understand the Best Indian Smart TV: Expectations vs. Reality. In case of any further doubt or inquiry, please leave it in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Smart TV

  • Tizen is an open and flexible operating system.
  • Tizen is said to have light weight operating structure which then offers speediness in the start-up when compared to Android OS.
  • The outline of Tizen is similar to Android the only difference is the absence of Google search bar.
  • Tizen has to proposition when compared to Android.
  • Tizen’s keyboard is alike to Android the only difference lies in the display of the status bar.
  • It also contains a Sensor framework smooth scrolling.
  • Location based Service frameworks also can be used.
  • It also delivers Multi-tasking and Multi-touch feature.
  • It also delivers Advanced multimedia capabilities.
  • Ability to record individual audio streams.
  • It contains a flexible and powerful user interface.

So, in the terms of simple use, webOS and Tizen OS are obviously better than Android TV. Aside from that, Android TV features are built-in Chrome-cast for seamless smartphone casting while Tizen and webOS and have their individual screen mirroring technology. Tizen OS has its own voice assistant which also to works in offline mode.

  • From the home screen, navigate to and choose Settings.
  • Navigate to and choose Support.
  • Select to Software Update.
  • Select Auto Update. Must note: If the TV is linked to the web, you’ll update automatically although you’re watching the TV.
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